The Meghan Trainor Wiki


Hey, I'm a Meghatron since around September 12th, 2014 (Friday). I've listened to a lot of Meghan Trainor songs and know a lot of things about her, I love her old songs!

  • 2007-14 was Meghan's best era! :)

My Favorite Songs

Favorite song of all time: Chase Your Love ❤️

Leaker of "Super Cali", "No More", "Wish You Were Here", "In Case of Fire", "All Again" (Demo), "Focus on One Thing" (2 versions), "Ruthless" (a new version), "Aviator", "Angel", "Airport Lovers", "Ain't Too Tired to Get Down", "All Your Love's Gone Away", "Rebel Streak", "You're Worth Waiting For", "Bedroom", "Hello Heartbreak", "Keep the Light On", "Doctor", "Highlight", "GENETICS" (Demo) and "Say it to My Face".